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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Me Being So Useless

Good afternoon people, what do you up to recently?
I'm not in the busy things for the last 3 and a half months. So, the story behind this case is i decided to quit from my last job and for the last 3 and a half months i just spend my day for apply some vacancies and do the interview test and mostly i  spend a lot of time on the internet.

And today i want to refresh my brain and being productive (a bit). I always want to update my blog like every month, but i'm such a professional procrastinator so i just clicked the new post button and thinking what kind of story i want to share this time. So while i was thinking i just moved to youtube, tumblr, twitter and all of the interesting things on the internet and 6 hours later i realized... I'm doing nothing with my blog. Every single time.

So, today i forced myself to write something to let my brain thinking for a while. Since i'm not in the busy time i always woke up at 11 or 12 pm, what kind of person am i? a typical day for me for the last 3 and a half months is waking up late, eat breakfast at 11 a.m and then take a shower, go to the internet and then have a lunch back to the computer and do the internet thing again, about 6 pm i take a shower and have dinner and back to the internet again until 1 a.m. And do the same thing tomorrow and keep doing it all over again until a couple weeks a go i realized "how can i through this life if i still doing nothing?" I feel like me is the most useless person in the world. Because i dont want to be the worst, i decided to spend my free day life in a different way.

First thing is try to wake up and get out of my bed before 9 am in the morning. It sounded easy but for me as a nocturnal human being, this thing is so hard. But i made it, for the last 4 days i always woke up before 9 am in the morning. So, i can do the stuff like helping my mom do the laundry and tidy my room.

Second, try to not sleep after i wake up in the morning. Every single time i woke up early i can't resist the temptation to sleep again at 11 am. I can only stay awake for about 2 hours. But i did it again, for the last 2 days. Yeah the only thing i can do to make me awake all day long is stay on the internet hahaha.

Third, try to go to bed before midnight. Its so hard to do, but i try to do it like really i have to do it.

So that's me in a free time, and try to change my recent bad daily habits. Btw, i feel like im in the mood to write more post today, so after i'm havin a life, i will tell you the reason why i started to write a blog post with english (again). Maybe if you following me on twitter you'll know i mostly tweet in english recently. This is awkward but i'll tell you in the next post.

See ya later, Byeeeeee...

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