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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Why Do We Have To Be The Same?

Hello! It's been a long time i didn't write in English. I miss my English post lol. Btw I'm in a free time for a moment, and I think it's quite good to write something.

Well, do you ever met with people out there who actually do everything to make other people like them? That's what I'm going to talk about right now.

I always mention that making friends is quite difficult for me and I can't get more friends because they think I'm not humble or I'm too quite and never participate. When actually I am a nice and funny and outgoing who stuck in a shy person body *what are you talking about Dit?*

When you're in a place met with a group of people and you think that you want to be part of them. And then you just doing what they're doing, wearing the same clothes, playing their game so they will think you have the same taste with them. Do you know that situation?

I once in that situation, not being a part of a grop of people but I wanna have more friends, and that moment was horrible af. I wanna have more friends because I'm not confidence enough as a human being so, I try to do the same thing with them to make them like me and wanna be my friends. I buy things the same as they all have, pretend to like what they like, play games that I don't really like to play. But the more I follow their lifestyle the more I feel lost about who I am.

When suddenly I feel really tired doing all these things and then I realised I've got nothing. Still they don't want to be my friends, I waste my time my money and my energy. But by that moment I got a very good lesson to learn, that I don't need to be someone else to make other people like me. Wow that's open up my mind how we trying so hard to make other people impressed to us. If you can thinking with a logical mind, if the people really enjoy and like you and want you to be their friend even you are a nerd or sassy or annoying af they'll stick with you no matter what.

So, right now do whatever you like because at the end you will find your people, the people who actually like the same thing like you do, adore the same stuff. Hey Dit, I do whatever I want but still I didn't have friends who interest the same thing like i do. Yeah that's okay, at least you have friends who really loves you no matter what. That's more important you know.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Playlist February 2015

OMG it's been a long time since i wrote my last post, I am the worst. I'm quite busy with my work and absolutely lazy to write anything on my free time. And now I push myself harder to write this thing. Now I will share my monthly post playlist on February 2015, my inner 16 yo just literally made me play all of these songs.

1. Fall Out Boy - The (Shipped) Gold Standard
Just figure it out that this song is so damn good. I can play this song 2hours nonstop.

2. Bastille - Oh Holy Night
I know this song, but i like Bastille version.

3. My Chemical Romance - Cemetery Drive
Yeah this playlist is quite emo, but cmon this song is so good, the emotion, the feeling the music, the mcr before split. Wonderful.

4. Panic! At The Disco - The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Converage
Confession! I have to see the album cover to write the title, i never remember because it's too long, i'm such a terrible fans. But recently i miss PATD so damn much, especially they first album.

5. Paramore - Now
Yes this is completely my inner 16 yo so called emo girl playing all of these song. But yeah These band are cool until now. And you know what? Paramore won Grammy. Congratulation!.

6. The 1975 - Robbers
I can give you an advise music you can listen while you're driving on the traffic The 1975 album is great, it's calm me down. I don't know why. This song is my fav one.

7. The Cranberries - Linger
I always says i love all the songs that reminds me of my childhood. This is one of them.

8. Travie McCoy - Keep On Keeping On feat Brendon Urie
Brendon Urie the reason i like this song.

9. Fall Out Boy - Novocaine
Ya sebodo teing lah ada FOB lagi hahaha. This is my new fav song from their newest album ABAP.

10. Kahitna - Cantik
Indonesian song!!! This song was popular back then, but still a great song to listen until now, never getting old.

Well that's all my playlist this month. I hope you enjoy the songs and once again happy valentine's day!

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Kalian pernah ga ngalamin yg namanya guilty pleasure pas dengerin lagu? Guilty pleasure itu apa ya? Kalo menurut kamus urban dictionary guilty pleasure itu adalah "something that you shouldn't like, but like anyway"Jadi seharusnya lo ga suka tapi lo malah suka, atau lo suka sama sesuatu hal tapi lo merasa bersalah karena suka sama hal itu, atau juga kalo lo suka sama sesuatu dan gamau orang lain tau lo suka. Ya pokoknya garis besarnya itu deh.

Gue sering tuh ngalamin itu, salah satu contohnya adalah gue suka sama lagunya Bastian Steel yg judulnya SIM yg biasanya gue paling gasuka tuh lagu anak-anak kecil nyanyi lagu cinta [Please don't judge me] tapi ini lagunya enak kok. Adakah disini yg pernah ngalamin hal itu?

Jadi challenge giveaway kali ini ada hubungannya sama guilty pleasure seperti yg gue kasih tau diatas. Rulenya gampang kok kalian ga harus punya blog buat ikutan, caranya adalah:
  1. Kamu harus follow blog aku
  2. Kalo kamu gapunya blog, kamu harus like FB page aku atau follow twitter aku
  3. Ceritain kisah kalian soal guilty pleasure di comment post ini (harus berhubungan sama musik)
  4. Kamu harus ajak 2 orang temen kamu buat ikutan challenge ini via twitter dengan mention aku @ditaastiani ditambah hashtag #AwkwardGiveaway
  5. Buat yg ga main twitter bisa ajak temen via FB jangan lupa tag FB page aku dan kasih hashtag #AwkwardGiveaway
  6. Ga keberatan aku minta alamat lengkap dan identitas untuk proses shipping bukan buat stalking
  7. Tunggu aku buat umumin pemenangnya deh
  8. Gampang kan? (gampang apanya dit, ribet banget) Hah ribet? Engga ah.
Jadi begini kronologinya biar ga bingung. Kamu baca postingan ini, lalu kamu follow blog ini (atau FB page/twitter) terus comment pengalaman kamu di comment box dibawah. Kalo udah kamu tinggal ajak 2 orang temen kamu buat ikutan giveaway ini. Dengan begitu kamu udah ikutan giveaway ini dan tunggu pengumuman pemenangnya. So, easy.

Hadiahnya apa sih dit kok ribet banget syaratnya. Tenang disini gue bakal pilih 2 pemenang. 2 orang dengan cerita yg menurut gue paling menarik dan sudah ikutin rule yg berlaku bakal dapetin:
Pemenang pertama dapet 1 CD Coldplay - Ghost Stories
Pemenang kedua dapet 1 buku Dilan by Pidi Baiq

Asik kan ? Asik dong. Hadiah perintilan tapi seneng juga sih kalo dapet. Kalian ga perlu khawatir soal shipping, gue bakal tanggung biaya kirim ke seluruh Indonesia. Iya seluruh Indonesia. Jadi kalian tinggal ongkang-ongkang kaki dirumah.

Giveaway ditutup sesuka hati gue hahaha gak deng, giveaway gue tutup akhir February 2015. Tetapi bakal gue perpanjang kalo ternyata yg ikutan terlalu sedikit. Pemenang bakal gue umumin via blog post, FB page dan twitter. Jadi kalo kalian males buat mampir2 ke blog bisa diliat di FB page atau twitter gue.

Ditunggu partisipasinya, Good Luck!

Tentang Boyband

Niat mau bikin vlog tapi malah nonton boyband kesukaan pas jaman SD. Satu hal yg pertama terlintas dikepala gue pas ngeliat video mereka adalah kenapa bajunya begitu ya? Check it out