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Thursday, 30 April 2015

30 Days Challenge: DAY 28 - SOMETHING THAT I MISS

I miss everything that makes me happy. There are a lot of things that made me happy back then, but something that i really really miss is my childhood moment. When Saturday was full of cooking show, and Sunday was full of anime and cartoons. Can you believe all of TV station was full of anime and cartoon all day long from 6 am to 12 pm, nonstop. There's always a reason to wake up early on Sunday morning. And when weekday comes it still full of cartoon and anime. Anime started at 1 pm till 4 pm.

And the MTV is still exist i mean on my local TV channel. The kids from end 90's - early 2000 era is so lucky. We don't even have a cell phone or internet access. 

That's the most thing i really miss, the anime on my local TV station and also the music channel. I am so sick with TV programme these days, it's just full of gossip. Ugh.

picture from

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

30 Days Challenge: DAY 27 - A PROBLEM THAT I HAVE HAD

Well actually i don't have problem, problem have me.

I don't think i have had a problem, i just see every bad things that ever happened as a challenge. My only problem in the entire world is to get up early in the morning and stop procrastinating.

So, are you problem with that?


I like funny thing, so the person who has good taste of humor would attracts me more than people with handsome or pretty face. Also the people with the same music taste and have the same interest as me will absolutely attracts me.

When i heard someone plays my song i would literally find the person who play that song and suddenly i wanna be their friend. I have friends but most of them don't have the same music taste as me.

it would be great if we have one friend who likes the same stuff like us, so we can fangirling together, share things together, go to concert together.

That's all I think, because sometimes I attract with someone for no reason.

Monday, 27 April 2015


i don't fascinates people, i do like people but is it count as fascinate? Mostly famous people don't fascinate me i just like them.

The only person that probably fascinates me is Dan Howell. Well i don't know, i kinda interested with his story about his life. He's such an awkward person but literally can reach his dream. He told us to be happy with our life because the happiness is in our hand not theirs.

So, i think that's it.

Sunday, 26 April 2015


What is my favorite movie? So far i really love The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie because sometimes in some situations i feel what Charlie feels. I know that feeling when you really shy and going to school and have nobody. We are too shy to say hi first. The story is about charlie finding their best friends and through his what i so called hard life.

I have a story about me when i was a freshman. So we have 3 days orientation for freshman which is actually an activity to learn more about school environment and get to know each other but all we do is doing stupid things in front of each other instead. I feel so sick that day, i have no friend. When every people busy making friends i'm just standing there with my awkwardness. On the last day i can't handle it and i was sick and didn't go to school. Why am i sick? i was over thinking because i had have a social anxiety problem, so i kept thinking why i don't have friends? how can i through 3 years without any friends? why they don't want to be my friend? if i don't have friend what can i do if teacher ask the students to make a pair on exam? Who i'm gonna go to the cafetaria with? all of those thoughts just round around inside my head which is made me sick like a real sick my body went cold and i want to throw up. People sometimes just don't understand how hard to be shy and social anxiety problem.

So, when i read the synopsis i really excited to watch the film. Even tho i have read the novel twice it still not complete because i don't have the book yet. I find it everywhere but i still don't find it.

Well that's it about my favorite movie. I will give it ratings 9 out of 10.

Saturday, 25 April 2015


Hello bellooo, I'm really good at fangirling famous person. I have some favorite famous persons and apparently most of them have something in common. Like most of them are brunnete or british or have small eyes kinda like that.

Who are they? Here they are:

1. Daniel Howell
Well I hope you're not shocked about my first choice. Actually, i like this guy because we have something in common too. Like awkward and not really like socializing and something like that. He's so funny, and sarcastic and sad at the same time. I quite understand what's his feeling when he told a story about him because it happened to me too.

2. Brendon Urie
This is my favorite vocalist ever. At first i like him because he is handsome and has a good voice. But when I watched his vine videos it makes me realised he's so funny.

3. Logan Lerman
The first time I realised that he's so attractive when i saw him in the movie Percy Jackson. Then I'm pretty happy that he's play as charlie in the Perks of being a wallflower movie.

4. Nicholas Hoult
I know Nicholas for the first time is when I watched serial TV Skins. And then he turn into someone who's really attractive for me.

5. Patrick Stump
I just realized that Patrick Stump is so cute. I don't know i think he's such a kind person. He has no tattoo and not swearing (if I'm not wrong).

Friday, 24 April 2015


I have changed so much in the past 2 years. 2 years ago is 2013 and i was in the college and almost graduated from college. I was so awkward, way more awkward than today. I was afraid go with ojek but now i'm not scared anymore. I used to walk with my head down, um i mean i really shy and never look up when i walk, but today chin always up and a little more confident. I was so scared to answering the phone, or doing a conversation by phone i don't know i think i have phobia but today i'm quite brave.

I also can control my anxiety problem when i'm socializing with people. I actually improved my english and probably being stronger than before, not literally strong like hercules but strong for facing my problem.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

30 Days Challenge: DAY 21 - ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS

I watched so many shows but basically my favorite is tv show from japan. I don't know why but it's so entertaining and weird at the same time. If you don't know what it is, i can mention some of them. I kinda probably like Takeshi Castle because it's so hilarious, and then Masquerade. The first thing pops up in my mind everytime i saw the masquerade show is how can they think about that? that's so creative as hell, and it looks so real. This video below is one of my favorite.

But beside of those shows above i have one favorite show, it's TV Champion show, i don't know is it the real title for this show or not because on my local channel it called TV Champion. The competition is about everything, from cooking, baking, eating, crafting, painting and many more. I don't know why they are so talented and I kinda enjoy watching the competition.

That's it my favorite show. So what about yours?

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Ngomongin soal pendidikan, gue salah satu orang yang menganggap pendidikan itu amat sangat penting. Kadang merasa sedih kalau ada orang yang punya kesempatan buat sekolah atau kuliah tapi ga dimanfaatin dengan baik sedangkan banyak orang yang pengen banget bisa ngelanjutin sekolah cuma kepentok masalah biaya. Walaupun gue pas sekolah itu bandel dan bukan salah satu contoh yang baik tapi gue selalu punya tekad untuk lulus dan sekolah ke jenjang yang lebih tinggi. Karena gue menganggap gue bandel ga apa-apa deh tapi gue gamau jadi bego. Jadi kalo lo bandel tapi lo pinter lo bakal mikir itu kelakuan lo bakal ngerugiin dan nyusahin orang apa engga. Jangan sampe udah lo bandel nyusahin orang lagi. Kan ngeselin banget orang kaya begitu. Eh tapi ada juga sih orang yang pendidikannya tinggi tapi masih banyak yang kelakuannya bikin susah orang lain, ga ngerti kenapa bisa begitu.

Gue kadang menyayangkan masalah biaya pendidikan yang terlampau mahal, seperti universitas terkemuka di Indonesia biayanya ga sedikit. Walaupun gue yakin mau sekolah dimana saja atau kuliah dimana saja yang namanya pintar ya pintar saja. Tapi kuliah di universitas terkemuka salah satu impian semua orang. Bagaimana tidak setiap melihat iklan lowongan pekerjaan sebagian perusahaan menulis kualifikasi yang salah satunya adalah tertulis "min bachelor degree from reputable university" atau bisa diartikan pendidikan minimal sarjana dari salah satu universitas terkemuka. Kalau dia ga dari reputable university terus diragukan gitu kemampuannya? [kenapa jadi ngomongin kerjaan].

Well, intinya gue selalu menganggap pendidikan itu penting, penting dan penting. Karena pendidikan dan ilmu merupakan harta yang paling berharga dan selalu berguna dimanapun dan kapanpun. Jadi tuntutlah ilmu selagi mampu, ilmu bisa didapet dari mana saja kok. Tapi selain pendidikan hal lain yang penting adalah attitude. That is it.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I do respect my parents and i feel so sad if i saw children did something horrible to their parents. I do had arguments with my parents especially with my mom because we have different opinion and perspective of life. But that's not the reason to disrespect them.

When i saw a student mad at their parents through social media, and talk shit about their parents because their parents didn't give them things they wanted. In that moment I just want to punch them in the face.

So, that is it.

Monday, 20 April 2015

30 Days Challeng: DAY 18 - MY BELIEFS

Hallo! I want to write my post with bahasa but i'm in the mood to write in english so i will write it in english.

Here they are about my beliefs:
1. I believe in God.
2. I believe that everything with life in it have a social interaction. Like I believe that tree is talking to each other.
3. I believe that cats don't understand when human meow to them.
4. I believe when i do nice to each other the nice thing will get back to me. Even tho they still treat me like shit at least i still a nice person.
5. I believe when we don't meant to be together no matter how hard we stay it will fall apart, and also in reverse.
6. I believe when i try hard enough i will get anything i want.

I do a weird person, i believe to non-common things in life. Who the fuck person thinking about the talking trees. 

Sunday, 19 April 2015


For this past year i had so many highs and lows that actually turns me into someone what i so called new. I can mention that the first low i had this past year is i don't enjoy working on my first office. My senior makes me sick and insane and feel like i am the dumbest person in the world, the company didn't continue my probation and i don't want to take other position they gave to us. 

After believing with myself to resign from first office i end up being a jobless person, i went interview like a hundred times but still i didn't get a job. On the second month being a jobless i started to stressed out, i feel hopeless about everything. So i try to spend my spare time to take care of my blog again.

i feel like 5 months living in torture, i had a boyfriend that time, but he never there when i was needed him. I don't know what else i can do beside keep strong to face my life. My relationship that time is literally a mess. How can you survived when you're down and need someone to hold you and make you keep moving forward but he never there. He never hold my hand when we met, and i feel like invisible to him. He doesn't came to my house on lebaran day and came to my house a week afterwards. He never loves me anymore but he pretend he is.

And the fog started to disappear when my best friend told me to try on the outsourcing office she was work in before. After a couple of week the company asked to do the interview, the office is so far away from my house but i don't give a fuck even tho i had a useless boyfriend that time i prefer to go by myself with public transportation. After interview they placed me in the multinational company, it's a huge company. They gave me 1 month contract then if they're satisfied with my performances they will made a one year contract for me under the company not the outsourcing. 

I feel sick with my boyfriend because he disappear for 1 month and then i break him up. It's a hard decision tho because we already had a relationship for 6 years but i don't want it happen for the second time. That was shit, he thought i was stupid and he thinks he can fooling me around. You can't hide a rotten flesh for a long time dude, because i will sniff it sooner or later and also it will make you smells too no matter how much perfume you use.

After break up i have a good news that the company extend my contract and i was so happy.

And after all those hard time now i really enjoy my life, i'm happy at my office, and i'm happy with blogging, spend my free time with my best friends. I don't regret with everything i had done before because it makes me strong and i will thank to all of those problem that attacked me so i will learn from it and being a better person than i was.

That was my stories thank you to spend your time for reading this and i hope you enjoying your life. Bye

Saturday, 18 April 2015


Today i'm going to talk about my view on mainstream music. Well, i'm not a hipster so i don't have a problem with mainstream music. I listen to music that i really enjoy, don't care it's mainstream or not. If i found a good song even tho it's mainstream i will like it anyway. I don't know why there are a lot of people hating on mainstream music so much. Don't know they just hate the artist or they really don't like the music. I do have favorite genres of music, but i don't mind listening to mainstream music as long as it's a good music.

Btw, if all the hipster around the world liking the same (they area so called) non-mainstream music, can we call it mainstream? Well, just forget it. I don't care about mainstream and non mainstream music.

Friday, 17 April 2015

30 Days Challenge: DAY 15 - MY FAVORITE TUMBLR

Day 15!!

Tumblr is one of my favorite website of all time. It never ends, when you scroll it, it will never ends and makes you keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. I like to spend my spare time on the internet and scrolling on tumblr for 4 hours nonstop, or more. I've been using tumblr for about 5 years and still counting.

Talking about my favorite tumblr, i'm following a lot of tumblr account, most of them are fandom accounts, bands, anime, football and humor. I can't tell which one my favorite because they have different content, but here's the list of my favorite tumblr account:


So these are tumblr account which are not a phandom account, basically just account that i reblogged the most. I like hilarious thing, and random thing that's why i love those account above.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

30 Days Challenge: DAY 14 - MY EARLIEST MEMORIES

Day 14

Earliest memories? Are you kidding me? I don't even remember what i was doing 3 weeks ago. I'm very bad at memorizing my life, but hey I'm very good at memorizing every single words that people have said to me. So, be careful before you say something to me.

Me and my sister: i don't even remember what i was doing when this photo was taken
As i try hard enough to remember all the memories inside my head, the only thing i can remember as my earliest memory is when i was around 3, i was crying in my bed, crying out loud in the middle of the night pointing into the kitchen but i don't really sure what i was pointing at. Did I see something scary that night? like ghost or something? or i just wanted some food or drink? i don't know. I don't really remember.

And then the other earliest memory i can remember is when my mom was on the kitchen cooking for lunch and then she left me alone in the living room, before she went to the kitchen she play me the cassette tape, it wasn't a song but a drama, one of the famous drama "The Legend of White Snake". I don't know why my mom playing that kind of thing, it's just kinda story telling but more likely serial tv but without a video. There's a sound of the wind, sound of the horse steps when the actor riding a horse kinda like that. I didn't enjoy the show that much and i started to freaked out because that was creepy. Finally i cried, a lot. Everytime i remember this i always asking to myself what was my mom thinking that day, played that kinda creepy drama to a 3 years old child. To make me keep quite when she was cooking? OMG it's like a torture for me, mom. Funny story tho.

I read somewhere on the internet a fun fact about child memories that we can't remember anything before the age of 3 or 4. I think that's the reason why we can't hardly remember any memories before 3 years old. But i think it's a bit weird if i can remember what i was doing the day when my mom gave birth to me. Feel so awkward.

Maybe if i have children i'm not gonna take them to the Disneyland or theme park before they're 5, because they will forget everything. I sound like a selfish parents, LOL.

That's all about my earliest memories.

PS: I know my english is terrifying, but i'm sure you understand what i'm talking about.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

30 Days of Challenge: DAY 13 - SOMEWHERE I'D LIKE TO MOVE OR VISIT

Day 13!

that's the only place i really really really really want to visit in my whole life. I have a big dream if i have a lot of money i want to move to London and stay, forever. 

I don't know why i just fall in love with this city, if someone give me 2 choices what trip i'd rather be in, travel South East Asia or go to london, i will definitely choose London.

No explanation, just London.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

30 Days Challenge: DAY 12 - BULLET MY WHOLE DAY

Bullet My Whole Day!!

Well actually i'm doing the same exact thing every single day of my entire life, probably. Yeah, my life is kinda boring.

  • i woke up at 5.30 and prepared to go to work, sometimes i skip the shower thing.
  • go to work at 6.30 and arrive differently sometimes at 8 sometimes at 9.
  • i work normally until 5.30 and then go back home.
  • i arrived at home at 8.
  • then i changed clothes and then i eat sometimes i skip the dinner.
  • skip the shower again.
  • do some facial treatment and relax for awhile.
  • get back to my room and surf the internet for about 3 hours.
  • and go to bed then read books until i sleep.

I do all of those stuff every day.

PS: the 2 of them are not true.

Monday, 13 April 2015

My Playlist April 2015

Hallo!!! I've been so busy lately. I try to complete my latest mission, it's 30 days blog challenge and this is the first time of my entire life seeing my blog totally full of posts. Like 1 post per day is too much for me, i got confused with my own blog. 
Anyway, today i'm going to write my playlist of the month. I don't know why i keep update it every single month. is it useful or not?

Well this is the playlist!

1. One Direction - Night Changes
I know i dont really into ID, but this song is different. It makes me addicted. I don't know why i keep repeat this song for 2 hours nonstop every day for the last 3 weeks, and i'm still not sick of it (yet). 

2. Blur - There Are Too Many of Us
2nd single from blur's newest album "The Magic Whip". This song is so awesome, i'm so sorry to put blur on second place. Alex James is still the same. 

3. Mew - Comforting Sound
Few days ago, mew just held a concert in Jakarta. I didn't even know they came to Jakarta, when suddenly some music magazine talk about their concert, and my reaction was like "what? they came here? why i didn't even know that?". I used to listened to theirs song, i like it tho, their music is kinda different and unique and addictive. 

4. John Mayer - Clarity
Recently, i really enjoy listening to john's old song.

5. Madeon - La Lune feat Dan Smith
I just played the music mix playlist on youtube when suddenly this song pop up and i realised the voice was Dan's voice. No, not Dan Howell, it was Dan Bastille's voice. The song is so good tho not just about Dan Smith. My life is full of Dan.

6. All Time Low - Missing You
It's been a long time didn't listen to atl's song when i realised they just released new album (am i right?). I listened the full album on youtube and i kinda like this one. 

That was some new songs on my playlist this month, i hope all of you enjoy the song because the song is so good. You probably will enjoy all of those song because it's quite mainstream. I'm a mainstream human being. See you guys soon ! 


DAY 11

It's quite easy so i have made a video for this challenge, and i'm obviously too enjoy filming the video and forget to counting the song.

I didn't pick the song, i just pressed the PLAY ALL button and my music player automatically play the song randomly. So here they are the list.

1. Sugar, We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy
2. Angels - Robbie Williams
3. No Surprises - Radiohead
4. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
5. Just - Radiohead
6. New Perspective - Panic! at the Disco
7. The Scientist - Coldplay
8. Don't - Ed Sheeran
9. Tee Shirt - Birdy
10. Guren No Yumiya - Linked Horizon

That's all the song.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

What Should Not To Do On TransJakarta

Helloooo I'm back!!! Sebagai seseorang yg belom bisa mengendarai kendaraan sendiri (bukannya gabisa ya :p) gue termasuk orang yg rutin naik kendaraan umum buat menjalani aktivitas sehari-hari (alternatif lainnya nebeng orang) dan salah satu transportasi umum yang gue sering naikin yaitu bis transjakarta, atau yg biasa kita sebut busway. Sebagai orang yg lumayan taat peraturan (inget ya lumayan), kadang gue suka sebel liat kelakuan oknum pengguna transjakarta yg bikin gue kesel sendiri. Gue sekarang mau kasih tau hal apa aja yg ga seharusnya lo lakuin kalo lo mau naik bis transjakarta.

1. Slow Walking People
Sebenernya gaada salahnya lo jalan lambat pas ngelewatin jembatan busway tapi pastiin lo jalan dipinggir, dan satu lagi kalo kalian jalannya berdua sama temen jangan ngalangin jalan apalagi di jam-jam orang berangkat dan pulang kerja. Mungkin lo ga buru-buru tapi kan lo gatau orang yg dibelakang lo itu buru-buru apa ga, bayangin aja kalo orang yg dibelakang lo buru-buru dan ternyata dia gabisa lewat gara2 lo jalan berdampingan apalagi ditambah pake ngobrol, i know that feeling, bro.

2. Dahulukan Yang Turun
Gue pernah dalam situasi dimana transjakarta yg gue naikin itu penuhnya minta ampun, dan pas gue mau turun eh orang yg di halte udah main masuk aja. Padahal disitu udah ada tulisan dahulukan yg turun. Gimana atuh?

3. Jangan Berdiri di Pintu
Yg gue maksud disini beda loh ya kalo keadaan bis lagi penuh banget dan orang yg yg milih berdiri di depan pintu karena jarak haltenya deket. Yg gue ga habis pikir disini yaitu sama orang yg suka banget berdiri di depan pintu TransJakarta padahal di dalem masih lumayan kosong dan tujuan dia masih jauh.  Kalo gue pribadi sih lebih milih berdiri di bagian dalem karena menurut insting gue, kalo lo berdiri di dalem kemungkinan lo buat dapet duduk jauh lebih besar.

4. Jangan Duduk di Bangku Prioritas
Sebenernya siapa aja boleh duduk dibangku ini, tapi jangan kesel kalo pas ada lansia, ibu hamil, ibu dengan balita atau penyandang disabilitas kamu jadi orang pertama yg diminta buat berdiri. The seat is theirs, right? Just in case kalian gatau kursi prioritas yg mana sih? Itu loh yg kursinya warna merah, kalo warna kursinya sama semua kursi prioritas ini ada di deket pintu bis, dan biasanya di kaca bisnya ada sticker tulisan kursi prioritas.

5. Jangan Dorong-Dorongan
Gue gangerti deh kenapa pada suka banget dorong-dorongan pas lagi keadaan penuh. Lo dorong orang yg didepan lo ga bakal bikin lo cepet naik ke bisnya. Itu cuma bahayain orang yg ada didepan. Jadi sabar aja pas mau naik or turun, ga bakal ditinggal kok sama abangnya.

Itu dia 5 hal yang sebaiknya ga lo lakuin saat naik bis Transjakarta, sebenernya hal-hal diatas udah sering dikasih tau sama petugas atau ditulis di LED di dalam bis, tapi mungkin banyak yg ga pay attention. Well, that's it for today, see you soon on my next post. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

30 Days Challenge: DAY 10 - FIRST LOVE AND KISS

I'm type of person who don't really like tell my love stories on my blog, if i wrote about love stories on my blog maybe i've been thinking about that for a hundred lightyear. 
Day 10 challenge is so challenging to me. 

Well, i didn't know and i'm not really sure who the fuck is my first love. Is it my first boyfriend or my first crush? because it's totally a different person. I'm so confused with my first love or i think i still figure it out till right now. So i will tell you about my first crush and first boyfriend instead. 

I had a crush for the first time when i was in 7th grades. I really likes this guy but he never know i'm in love with him until now. Fortunately i had my first date in 7th grades too, he was my classmate and i didn't even realised he fell in love with me back then. I was so innocence, and then on my birthday this boy ask me to be his girl. I was so shocked and don't know what to do because i never had a date before so i said yes. I was so bad that time, i was too scared to talked to him and i don't know what to do with my boyfriend. Because i was so awkward and weird the relationship just lasted for 5 days or a week i don't remember. i feel sorry about him, if i can turn back the time i will treat him better. probably. 

So, that's my love stories. Not so interesting but yeah that's it Day 10.

I will not tell about my first kiss tbh. Bye bye :*

Saturday, 11 April 2015

30 Days Challenge: DAY 9 - HOW I HOPE MY FUTURE BE LIKE

Day 9 challenge and the subject is how you hope your future be like?

Well, as we all know, mostly piscean is a dreamer not a planner, so i have a dream that my future will be like this:
  • Having a good career and saving a lot of money. Have my own book and become a writer and a professional blogger.
  • Married with a guy that loves me and has the same music taste, humor and funny. Luckily if i can get the handsome one LOL. Having a happy little family with 2 healthy children, 1 son and 1 daughter. 
  • Living in a minimalist concept house that i dreamed of. With small garden in front of the house also the backyard. And the open roof terrace so i can drink afternoon tea while watching the sunset with my family. Beautiful.
  • Have travel the world with my husband.

I always have a picture of my perfect future life inside of my head but some people said if you're dream too much you will go insane if you can't get it. I know right, so instead of thinking about it all over again and go crazy i just enjoy my life right now and do whatever i want to do to make my life happy.

Friday, 10 April 2015


Baru masuk hari ke 8 ya? Mulai males-malesan postingnya tapi gue harus bisa nyelesein misi ini *apasih*
Kali ini topiknya adalah most satisfied moment. Ada banyak momen yg terjadi selama 23 tahun ini. Diantaranya adalah pas gue bisa selesein TA kuliah dan lulus sidang dengan nilai A. Kenapa gue bisa bilang bagitu, jadi selama ini gue selalu ga pernah ngikutin apa kata hati gue kalo soal milih sekolah atau jurusan. Semua berpatok sama "jurusan apa yg bisa cepet kerja" dan berujung pada penyesalan yg berkepanjangan. Jadi gue masuk jurusan sekretaris dan setelah kurang lebih satu minggu gue kuliah gue ngerasa ga betah dan ga enjoy ngikutin setiap mata kuliah. Setelah 3 tahun penantian akhirnya gue sidang dan lulus TA. Walaupun gue ga enjoy dan bisa dibilang ga niat-niat amat belajar sekretaris tapi gue seneng karena gue bisa lulus dengan nilai yg bagus. Ga nyangka.

Terus hal lain adalah pas gue pertama kali diterima kerja, pertama kali bisa ngasih sesuatu ke orang tua. Ada banyak satisfied moment yg gue gabisa sebut satu-satu.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Challenge hari ke 7 yaitu mencocokan kepribadian yang dikatakan zodiak gue dan kepribadian yg ada di diri gue, apakah yg dibilang zodiak sesuai sama kenyataannya atau engga.

Karena gue lahir tgl 17 Maret jadi gue ada dibawah naungan zodiak Pisces. Orang yg lahir dengan zodiak pisces katanya memiliki kepribadian sebagai berikut:

Pisces Strength:

- Compassionate
- Adaptable
- Accepting
- Devoted
- Imaginative

Pisces Weakness :

- Oversensitive
- Indecisive
- Self-pitying
- Lazy
- Escapist

Jadi apakah sifat-sifat diatas sesuai sama kepribadian gue yg sesungguhnya? Gue bisa bilang 99% yg disebutin diatas itu bener. Kenapa gue bilang 99%, karena sebenernya gue orangnya ga adaptable, malah bisa dibilang susah adaptasi di satu lingkungan baru. Buat weakness pointnya itu bener banget, paling keliatan itu oversensitive sama lazy.

Walaupun sebenernya gue ga terlalu percaya zodiak-zodiakkan, tapi apa yg dibilang diatas itu bener. 99%. Congratulation!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Favorite Movie Soundtrack

Hallo, I want to share something that maybe any of you want to know, or maybe not. But i still gonna talk about it. I've been really bored with my playlist on my office laptop when suddenly i just try to find some new music, so i stream a playlist of movie soundtrack, and suddenly i'm addicted to it

Well today i'm going to share to you guys 5 best movie soundtrack (in my opinion). Here they are!

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower Soundtrack
I told you guys on my profile page that this movie is my favorite movie that also has a great soundtrack. Because it is, it really good, especially if you like 80's - 90's song like me. It's heaven. My favourite track is The Innocence Mission by Evensong.

2. Warm Bodies Soundtrack
Are you a zombie? Not all horror romantic movie has a good soundtrack to listen, but this movie is totally different. The R absolutely has a good taste of music. My favourite track is Midnight City by M83.

3. 500 Days of Summer
This movie is so popular, and also both Summer and Tom has a good taste of music. My favourite track is There's a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths.

4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Confession! I've never watched the movie yet. When i listening the perks of being a wallflower on youtube this movie soundtrack appeared on the suggestions video then i clicked and i found it so great. My favourite track is Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men.

5. The Fault in Our Stars
Cliche? i dont think so, because i dont really into this movie but i admit it that the soundtrack is good. My favourite track is absolutely All I Want by Kodaline.

That's all 5 favorite movie soundtrack i've been listening to recently. I will share the other one next time. See you soon guys!


30 fakta menarik tentang gue adalah ....... GAADA!
Karena gue udah pernah nulis 50 facts about me jadi gue ga akan nulis hal yg sama kali ini. Ini dia linknya buat yg belum baca 50 Facts About Me

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Topik hari ke 5 adalah waktu dimana gue berfikir akan mengakhiri hidup gue. Gue gapernah kepikiran buat posting tulisan dengan tema yg satu ini.

Gue pernah ngalamin masa2 dimana gue ngerasa gaada gunanya jadi manusia karena gue ngerasa gue gapunya hal yg bisa gue banggakan. Saat orang tua terus bandingin gue dengan orang lain bahkan sodara gue sendiri, dan saat itu gue belum punya mental yg cukup kuat buat handle semua tekanan yg dateng (cuma begitu aja tertekan, cemen banget gue dulu). Gue jadi ngerasa gapunya hal yg bisa dibanggakan orang tua gue. Masalah teman jadi salah satu pemicunya juga. Suka dikatain sama orang juga kadang bikin gue down walaupun keliatannya gue fine aja waktu itu. Berbarengan juga masalah percintaan yg pelik (halah labil abis). Saat itu gue  ngerasa kenapa hidup itu terasa amat berat dan sempet kepikirian buat mati aja.

Tapi untungnya pikiran itu ga gue anggep serius karena saat itu emang gue masih labil dan gue selalu mikir selain dosa bunuh diri itu ga banget. Hidup itu udah singkat jadi jangan dibikin tambah singkat, nikmati aja yg ada di hidup ini setiap detik setiap menit. Inget masalah itu cuma sementara tapi mati itu selamanya. Everything will get better, just be strong. 

Monday, 6 April 2015

30 Days Challenge: DAY 4 - MY VIEWS ON RELIGION

Day 4 everybody!!

Challenge kali ini adalah pandangan gue soal religion atau keyakinan yg dianut seseorang. Gue selalu ngerasa agama itu hal yg amat sensitif buat dibicarakan apalagi buat orang awam dan ga punya ilmu agama yg kuat kaya gue. 

Kadang menyampaikan opini tentang agama bisa menimbulkan konflik yg berkepanjangan walaupun tujuannya hanya untuk bertanya atau menyatakan opini, bukan sebagai penyangkalan atau penghinaan.

Jadi, menurut gue soal agama adalah, yakini apa yg kalian yakini. Tidak perlu menghakimi dan menjudge satu sama lain. Live peace in diversity.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Topik untuk hari ketiga adalah pandangan gue soal narkoba dan alkohol.

The only thing that i can say about drugs is DON'T DO DRUGS. that's it.
Gue gapernah ngeliat sisi positif dari narkoba, jenis apapun itu. Walaupun ada yg mengelak kalau narkoba jenis ini bisa bermanfaat buat ini atau narkoba jenis itu bermanfaat buat itu, gue ga peduli dan tetap nganggep narkoba itu ga bagus buat seseorang.

Gue bukan tipe orang yang suka minum. Pandangan gue soal alkohol adalah it's okay, but don't too much.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

30 Days Chellenge: DAY 2 - WHERE I'D LIKE TO BE IN 10 YEARS

where i'd like to be in 10 years? 

10 tahun lagi udah 33 tahun, WHAT?? am I that old?
Tapi di umur segitu gue mimpi jadi seorang blogger yg sukses, udah nikah dan punya 2 anak kecil-kecil yang lucu tinggal di rumah minimalis yg selama ini gue idam-idamkan.

Tapi in a real life dalam 10 tahun kedepan gue cuma pengen tinggal di Jakarta aja. Kenapa? karena gue lahir di Jakarta, sekolah di Jakarta, kuliah di Jakarta, kerja di Jakarta. Gaada kepikiran tempat lain mau gue tempatin selain di Jakarta. Mungkin daerah pinggiran Jakarta kaya Bekasi, Tangerang atau Depok masih oke, tapi buat tinggal di luar kota macem Bandung atau Jogja atau Surabaya ga bisa bayangin.

Tapi kalo suami gue ga tinggal di Jakarta dan minta gue tinggal diluar kota it's absolutely fine LOL.

Friday, 3 April 2015

30 Days Challenge: DAY 1 - RELATIONSHIP

Hallo! Kali ini gue mau coba ikutan 30 day challenge yang menurut gue impossible dan susah buat gue lakuin. Setelah cari-cari di google akhirnya sepakat sama diri gue sendiri buat pilih challenge diatas.

Gue bakal posting challenge ini dalam bahasa/english tergantung mood gue. So let's started!

DAY 1 - Your Current Relationship

Well, saat ini gue single dan bagaimana kehidupan menjadi single person (in love relationship status) adalah biasa aja menurut gue. Gue udah sekitar 7 bulan single setelah punya long term relationship (6 tahun pacaran) dan mungkin buat beberapa orang yg pernah ngalamin pacaran dalam waktu yang lama dan kemudian putus agak susah buat move on tapi alhamdulillah gue ga ngalamin hal itu. Sedih di awal wajar tapi jangan berlarut-larut. Your cry doesn't make his/her back to you, it just makes you look stupid.

Walaupun ga bisa dipungkiri kalau gue ada di lingkungan orang-orang dengan pasangan, contohnya semua teman punya pasangan dan gue enggak, kadang gue ngerasa kesepian dan cengo. Tapi lain dari itu everything's fine.

Banyak manfaat yg gue dapet selama gue ga punya pacar, diataranya gue jadi lebih mandiri dan bisa lebih manfaatin waktu luang yg ada buat "me time" and do whatever i want.

Being single is not so bad, suka sebel deh kalo ada yg lebay soal jomblo, jadi jangan bete kalo dikatain jomblo. Sooner or later para jomblo bakal punya pasangan kok, percaya deh :)