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Sunday, 26 April 2015


What is my favorite movie? So far i really love The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie because sometimes in some situations i feel what Charlie feels. I know that feeling when you really shy and going to school and have nobody. We are too shy to say hi first. The story is about charlie finding their best friends and through his what i so called hard life.

I have a story about me when i was a freshman. So we have 3 days orientation for freshman which is actually an activity to learn more about school environment and get to know each other but all we do is doing stupid things in front of each other instead. I feel so sick that day, i have no friend. When every people busy making friends i'm just standing there with my awkwardness. On the last day i can't handle it and i was sick and didn't go to school. Why am i sick? i was over thinking because i had have a social anxiety problem, so i kept thinking why i don't have friends? how can i through 3 years without any friends? why they don't want to be my friend? if i don't have friend what can i do if teacher ask the students to make a pair on exam? Who i'm gonna go to the cafetaria with? all of those thoughts just round around inside my head which is made me sick like a real sick my body went cold and i want to throw up. People sometimes just don't understand how hard to be shy and social anxiety problem.

So, when i read the synopsis i really excited to watch the film. Even tho i have read the novel twice it still not complete because i don't have the book yet. I find it everywhere but i still don't find it.

Well that's it about my favorite movie. I will give it ratings 9 out of 10.

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