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Friday, 1 May 2015

30 Days Challenge: DAY 29 - GOALS FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS

I don't even know what i want to do next week, my life is a mess. But i have some target that i have to achieve for the next 30 days, it is continue writing my book, uhm i mean i want to published my own book but i think i have to write the draft first. I am really lazy to continue writing, like 24 hours is not enough for me. 

I worked till 6, and got home at 9, this month is totally busy because i have to finish the 30 days challenge. I think if the challenge is done i can continue writing because i have more spare time at night and on the weekend. And i quite happy that on the next month (May) we have a couple of national holiday, so i have a little extra time on writing. 

Well i hope this this plan is going well and i can finish the book this year. I'm so excited tomorrow is my last day doing the challenge. Adios!


  1. Cieeee besok tantangannya berakhir

    1. yeay!!! hari ini kelar. ga berasa loh ternyata