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Thursday, 14 May 2015

How To Dealing With Embarrasment

Hello people on the internet! Well today I'm in the mood to write something in English. I don't care if it's wrong as long as you understand what I mean.

Right, do you ever feel in a situation when you did something horrible, something stupid in a crowded place or in front of your friends or in front of your crush that you wanna locked yourself in a bunker and sitting in the corner forever? Yeah, I know that feeling.

As you know I am a socially awkward and shy and have a social anxiety problem (but not much) so being outside and meet people is pretty much makes me anxious and shy. The worst part is when I was outside and try to socializing with my friends or with my office mates or with my family member but all of the sudden I did a very embarrassing thing in front of them. Embarrassing thing that makes everyone probably laugh or at least look at me like I'm the dumbest person in the entire world.

Now i will give you a little tips for people who has the same problem like me, which is always over thinking when I do a very embarrassing things in front of people.

Forget it
I can make sure they will forget about what they saw yeaaah at least 30 minutes after the incident. Why can i say that? Because i did it, i do laugh when see people doing stupid things but after that, i forgot everything. So, stop thinking about it because they really don't give a shit. If they still make joke on you about that stupid thing, i can make sure they just want some attention, so just ignore it.

I know it's not easy to forget that embarrassing moment, but you have to fight for your better future. You don't want to be the person who eaten up by your embarrassing memories right?

If you still thinking about it and worry "are they still remember that incident?" or "i don't want them remember me because of that embarrassing  thing" just remember this, people will only thinking about you if, first if they in love with you, two they probably really hates you. So, about those stupid incident, they will forget it. If they don't forget, just deal with it. So, don't be afraid anymore, okay?

That's all the tips, i hope it's useful for you, and good luck.


  1. ga semudah itu sih, dit.
    yah, tapi emang harus dipaksa buat ngilangin hal begituan sih. biar ga jadi beban juga, soalnya bakalan kepikiran terus''an.

    ini gue komennya bahasa indo aja ya, klo pake bahasa arab tkut lu ga ngerti. bHAHAGAHA

    1. iya sih tapi kalo ga dipaksa-paksa buat lupa mah nanti malah minder mulu zi bawaannya.

      eh boleh juga tuh diajarin bahasa arab hehehe