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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My Playlist December 2015

It's festive season!!! I didn't expect that December will come this fast, i feel like it's only 2 weeks after i watched youtube rewind 2014 and now i literally watch youtube rewind 2015. Today i'm just doing my routine but first i want to say sorry if my playlist will make you dissapointed because there are no All I Want For Christmas or Holy Night in my playlist. I'm sorry.

So, about my playlist this month i think i kinda feel a bit happy about it, because these song is so me and yet i kinda feel bad because it took very long time for me to discovered these songs. So are you ready? No? I don't care i just keep going ffs.

1. Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son
Come on SPN Family who didn't know about this song? Good choice for the road so far soundtrack. Carry on wayward son!!
2. Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
I swear to god that i've been searching for this song for about a decade even more. I always curious when the first time i listened the intro of this song on spongebob squarepants. Everytime i hear the intro i always called it the spongebob song. Thank GOD i can internet-ing in peace now.
3. Foo Fighters - The Pretender
As i mention on my previous playlist that i wanna put all foo fighters song but i think i can't so i still put this song on the playlist. My all time favorite foo fighters song
4. Justin Bieber - Sorry
I think it's too late to say sorry justin, this song is already stucked in my head for about 2 weeks.
5. STYX - Regenade
Another classic rock i hope you're not calling me lame. if you still did it i don't even care.
6. Muse - Resistance
Any Muse fan's here? I don't have the reason for this one it's just beautiful.
7. Kings of Leon - Dancing On My Own (Robyn's Cover)
I don't know this cover song is so wonderful, it's so kings of leon. No offense this cover is better than the original one, i mean in my opinion.
8. AC/DC - Highway To Hell
I literally listening AC/DC i though it's just a famous t-shirt band but actually the song is so good. Do not regret.
9. 30 Seconds To Mars - Stay (Rihanna's Cover)
Again, i prefer this version than the original. I don't know maybe i'm just really into rock and alternative than RNB thing. I'm not saying the original is bad but this version is my thing.
10. The Kinks - A Well Respected Man
You can find this song on Juno movie or Supernatural. I watched both. Don't judge me.

Well thankyou to Supernatural for the great soundtrack i kinda like it, really like it tbh. And I told you i didn't put all i want for christmas in my playlist, don't mad at me. So happy holiday for all of you, enjoy the festive vibes!! Merry Christmas!

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