Big Wave Festival, GBK Senayan Jakarta

Back again, it's such a long time not blogging here. I miss the moment that I have to thinking about everything I have to write in here.
But today I wanna share my first experience watch my favorite band ever PANIC! AT THE DISCO. Yess this is not a dream, but I think this is like a dream come true.

The story is too long to tell, so I write straight to the point. Here they are!!!
They come up after Yellowcard finished their perfomance. PATD played 13 song from their 3 album. this is the song list they're played.

They perform with full formation, but not with Ryan and Jon but they perform with Dallon and Ian.
I dont want to take a long time, here they are Panic! at the Disco. Picture was taken by me so its not a very good quality but enjoy it.

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