Calm with the songs of them

Now 11.24 pm and I still awake, because of my homework so I have to finished it before Saturday. Well right now I dont wanna talk about my homework. Right now I'm connect to the internet, blogging and in the same time I'm listening to Indie Music. I don't know the feeling when you listen an indie song is different with you listening to the other music. It sounds a little bit weird, unique but it has a power of indie music that I never bored listening to the sounds. I dont know why.

Right now in my playlist I'm listening to a couples of indie bands.
The Strokes, Foster the People, Fleet Foxes, Kaiser Chiefs, The Shiver, Bombay Bicycle Club, Manchester Orchestra, Beastie Boys and Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi. umm but wait, there's one Indonesia's Indie band, they was Drew.

I think songs of Fleet Foxes is the best music right now, because the weather cold and rainy outside, and listening to this song make me feel calm. Yeah but not sleepy.

oh yah, two bands what I mentioned above, Foster the People (11/01/12) and Bombay Bicycle Club (13/01/12) held a Concert in Jakarta. 

The Strokes
Fleet Foxes
Bombay Bicycle Club


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