Hi Folks!!

I wanna write something, in this year, I mean 2012 my sense of music come out again and I think its bolder than before. Hahahaha I mean I really really spend my free times just for searching a good quality music in the internet download it and listen it all day long. You think my life such a boring right? ummm I don't think so. Because music makes my day colorful, even I'm just sitting down on my room, set an earphone and listening to my playlist for an hour or more.

As you know, at least for 2 weeks in 2012 I always listening to Beatles' songs. And a few a days ago, as usual I try to find new music, I feel bored listening to the songs in local radio station. Actually I already got it. And now I feel like I'm in love with this band. Besides Foster the People, this band's name also starting with letters F. They're Fleet Foxes. I don't know, I feel calm and peace when I hear their music. I always play it every night before I go to sleep, it's like a lullaby for me Hahaha. I like the genres and the sounds. I like a type of music like this. Well I like all of music, the genres. If its a good quality music surely I'll play it on and on and on everday. But right now I just wanna say Fleet Foxes is attract me.

Little info about Fleet Foxes:
Fleet Foxes are an indie folk band which formed in Seattle, Washington. They are signed to the Sub Pop and Bella Union record labels. The band came to prominence in 2008 with the release of their second EP, Sun Giant, and their debut full length album Fleet Foxes. Both Sun Giant and their eponymous debut album received much critical praise and reviewers often noted their use of refined lyrics and vocal harmonies. Their second album, Helplessness Blues was released on May 3, 2011.

  • Robin Pecknold (lead vocals, guitar)
  • Skyler Skjelset (lead guitar, mandolin)
  • Christian Wargo (bass guitar, vocals)
  • Casey Wescott (keyboards, mandolin, vocals)
  • Joshua Tillman (drums, vocals, arrangements)
  • Morgan Henderson (multi-instrumentalist, arrangements) Websites:


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