I'm addicted to build a town

You just read my post title right? Its not in the real meaning, I mean now I'm addicted to play The SimsCity Social in Facebook. I can played it more than 5 times a day. I don't know why it pretty fun to build a town whatever you want to. I named my city with Stamford, actually I wanna named it with Stamford Bridge because I really love Chelsea, but its only available for just less than 12 characters.

My City
But sometimes I pissed off because when we build a place we have to recruit some staff. And I realize that my friends who played this game just a couple person. So there's  a lot of places didn't finished caused by there is no staff to be recruited.

But so far this game is fun to be played. Maybe if you like playing this you can add my account. Well, sorry for my bad English, I'm blogging and learn to increase my English at the same time. So correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks guys for read my blog. See you around.


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