Ramadhan Holiday

Well, today is my first day fasting in Ramadhan month. Actually 1st Ramadhan held on 21 July but I've got period so I can't fasting like the other people.

In this holiday I have so much plan to do. The first thing is I wanna try to be an entrepreneur by selling handmade accessories. I have a lot of design but still heven't much fund to buy the materials. So I try to make an accessories for myself and if anybody like my product I will buy the materials refers by the orders. Well that's my plan, and forget about my plan.

The best thing in this holiday is finally I can watch Chelsea playing again after season 11/12 is over. Yes it is Pre- Season USA Tour. And this morning I watched the match against PSG at Yankee Stadium and the best thing in this match is Lucas Piazon score a goal. I just like crazy people screaming when he score a goal.

This is my first posting after a long time I'm not sharing anything in this blog. Maybe tomorrow or sooner I will share you what I'm doing to spend the holiday. Well happy fasting and happy holiday guys.


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