50 Facts About Me

Hi everyone on the  internet! How you doin? Well today i wanna do a 50 facts about me, i think nobody wants to know even 1 fact about me, but i saw so many blogger does this i think it's gonna be fun, so i decided to make mine. Here it's 50 facts about meeeee!!

  1. I was born on Tuesday evening. My friends don't believe that i was born on selasa kliwon but actually it's true.
  2. If i come to some places and see someone i know, sometimes i pretend didn't see them just to avoid an awkward conversation. I am so weird haha.
  3. My natural hair is curly. I hate when i already straightening my hair but suddenly rain is falling. And that's the reason i really lazy to wash my hair.
  4. I am a socially awkward person. So don't feel weird if you bored around me especially if you're a new person for me, that's doesn't mean i'm not interested in you, i just don't know what to say and i can't stand a small talk. 
  5. I don't like a really sweet food.
  6. I love sambel and spicy food so much. My mom always made sambel with a different taste for meal. But when my mom doesn't made it i asked her to made me the simple one so i can eat.
  7. I can drink soda, but for the last 3 years i prefer to not drink it and choose the other beverage.
  8. I like pug and wanna have one but my parents didn't allow me.
  9. I do like cat too and my favorite one is solid black cat.
  10. I am a very quiet and shy person at first but totally random and annoying when i feel comfortable with someone.
  11.  I'm afraid to go to warung alone. I never want to go to warung and refuse it when my mom asked me to go there even it's just 5 meters from my house.
  12. Sometimes I can be a mean and sarcastic person. I remember i've made my friends cry, some of my close friends. Because i said something that supposed to be joke but they take it seriously. Sorry guys.
  13. I really love sing but i think i have a tone deaf. 
  14. I am an animal lover, but i hate cocroach, lizard and spiders.
  15. I love tropical fruit except sawo. My favorite one is banana.
  16. My mom is from Jogja, but i don't like jogja's food.
  17. I'm a forgiveness person.
  18. I can't mad at someone. When someone make me angry i choose to keep silent and stay away.
  19. I have a procrastinate problem.
  20. I'm addicted to internet and can stay on it for a long time. I can stay on my computer for 10 to 12 hours.
  21. When i was in middle school i try to be an EMO. And cringe when i remember about it.
  22. I love to eat and can eat in a big portion meal even though  i am a skinny person.
  23. I am an anglophile, i admire England and London.
  24. I love all genres film, except action movies.
  25. Ringu is my all time horror movie that i scared the most.
  26. I am an instant noodle maniac.
  27. I can't swim.
  28. I hate when people didn't follow the rule.
  29. I like anime and cartoon. My favorite are Shingeki no Kyojin, Jigoku Sensei Nube, Death Note, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailormoon, Detective Conan for cartoon mostly Disney cartoon.
  30. I like to write and tell about my stories that's why i made a blog.
  31. I wanna be a vlogger and make some videos. But i am too shy.
  32. I like to talk to myself when i'm alone. That doesn't mean i am crazy, sometimes i just feel i have nobody to talk to and share my thought.
  33. I cringe when i saw a very romantic man, i prefer a funny one.
  34. I don't have favorite color.
  35. I support a football club name Chelsea FC.
  36. When i was in middle school i wanna be a broadcaster so much.
  37. I prefer wear a high heel than wedges. But my favorite is sneaker.
  38. When i am bored i like to write, draw, and sing.
  39. I really want to be a graphic designer but instead of study in design school i choose secretary school. Oh what is my life.
  40. All my favorite public figure like actors, youtubers, musician are brunnete. Brunnete/dark hair is so sexy.
  41. I hate when people littering. It's Unforgiveable. For people who like littering, you are the cancer of human being, you just waste the oxygen..
  42. I love when my skin get tan.
  43. I can sleep easily anytime anywhere. Even in the bus.
  44. My favorite music is alternative rock.
  45. My favorite asian country is Japan. Japan is weird and amazing at the same time.
  46. It's hard for me to saving money.
  47. When i was born my dad wanted to name me Dasih. But my mom was saved my life and name me Dita.
  48. I really close to my sister. I can't imagine if i live without her.
  49. I don't like talk dirty or curse. But when i do i do it in english lol.
  50. I like when someone visit my blog and read my posts. I appreciate them so much for spending their time to read my post.


  1. Replies
    1. Iya gue emang sukanya bikin gregetan kok :p

    2. wah, boleh juga nih.
      Salam kenal ya dita :)

    3. salam kenal juga juju. makasih udah mampir kesini.

  2. keceeeeee. 50 facts. pake bahasa inggris lagi. gue paham, tapi pas mau nulis kyak gni, lgsg stuck. ah sh*t. ga suka kata'' kotor yg bahasa indo kan yak? hahah

    salam kenal deh

    1. bahasa inggrisnya juga masih berantakan itu pak hahaha. iya ga suka kata2 kotor bahasa indo soalnya tau artinya.


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