Good afternoon people on the internet! How u doing? Wanna talk about Dan and Phil? Of course YES!

Pasti kalian bingung, Dan and Phil apa sih dit? siapa sih dit? Wow, calm down, sebelum gue jelasin lebih rinci siapa Dan and Phil, kita flashback dulu ke awal mula gue bisa tau mereka berdua. Let's go!

Jadi beberapa bulan yang lalu, disela-sela waktu senggang gue, gue lagi asik nontonin video Fall Out Boy dan satu ketika gue searching di youtube ketemulah gue sama video montage "Reading Festival EPIC MONTAGE - Dan and Phil ft Fall Out Boy" here's the link. Karena ada banyak artis di video montage itu jadi gue ga ngeh sama Dan and Phil, tapi pas gue liat comment hampir semua bilang "OMG FOB and Dan and Phil" atau "FOB+Dan and Phil=Perfections" dan reaksi gue saat itu "Wow mereka ternyata terkenal" karena gue orangnya gampang penasaran jadi gue googling tentang Dan and Phil di google dan setelah gue baca mereka berdua adalah youtubers. Gue cari channel mereka dan ketemulah channel danisnotonfire dan AmazingPhil.

Karena udah nemu channelnya gue coba buka salah satu video Dan yang judulnya "Human Interaction" dan pas gue nonton video itu reaksi gue sepanjang video adalah "yaampun ini gue banget" "ih dia bener banget" sambil gue ketawa-ketawa sendiri nontonnya. Karena gue merasa sehati sama apa yang dialamin Dan gue buka lagi video yang lain judulnya "CRINGE ATTACK" dan reaksinya sama aja kaya gue nonton video yang pertama. Karena merasa cocok dan terhibur dan karena dia lucu akhirnya gue putuskan buat subscribe channel mereka berdua dan sampe sekarang masih rutin nontonin video mereka berdua, mostly Dan's karena gue ngerasa apa yang dialamin Dan jadi semenjak gue nonton video dia gue ngerasa ga sendiri lagi, karena ternyata banyak yang juga ngalamin apa gue alamin. Jadi mulai saat itu nonton video Dan merupakan salah satu mood booster dan bisa jadi internet support group buat gue.

Dit katanya Dan and Phil fandom, tapi kok lo nonton video Dan doang? Hahaha gue nonton video Phil juga tapi ga sesering nonton video Dan. Gue ngerasa apa yang diceritain Dan lebih sering terjadi di kehidupan gue sehari-hari dibanding apa yang diceritain Phil. Tapi ada kebiasaan Phil yang gue banget, itu ada di video dia yang judulnya "I'M SORRY!". Jadi gue sering banget ngerasa gue itu kaya Dan & Phil yang digabung jadi satu. 

Tapi ga kaya fans mereka pada umumnya, I don't ship them. I just see them both like me and my sister. Gue ngerasa mereka berdua kompak dan akrab banget karena udah nyaman satu sama lain haha *sotoy*. Jadi setiap gue baca fanfiction tentang mereka apalagi smutty fanfiction yang ada gue cuma merinding dan komen "yaampun apa yang gue baca barusan".

Oya, Dan and Phil juga biasa siaran di BBC Radio1 dan ga cuma bisa didenger di radio, tapi siaran mereka juga bisa ditonton streaming secara live di website BBC. Apa yang bikin gue agak kewalahan sebagai fans Dan and Phil yang tinggal di Indonesia? Gue mesti begadang cuma bisa streaming siaran mereka karena tau sendiri disini 7 jam lebih cepet dari di London. Bener-bener struggling.

Jadi yang belom tau mereka berdua, Dan and Phil itu seorang youtuber yang biasa buat video blogger atau vlogger, buat yg mau liat-liat videonya gue kasih sedikit info tentang mereka ya, sedikit aja tapi hahaha.

Welcome to the PHANDOM!! :


Name : Philip Lester
Age : 27
Country : England
Favorite Animal : Lion

Subscribe to his channels:
Main channel : AmazingPhil
Side channel LessAmazingPhil
Phil doing a live show every Saturday on YouNow at 6 pm (UK Time)


Name : Daniel Howell
Age : 23
Country : England
Favorite Animal : Alpaca

Subscribe to his channels:
Main channel : danisnotonfire
Side channel : danisnotinteresting
Dan doing a live show on YouNow every Tuesday at 9 pm (UK Time)


Subscribe to their channels:
Gaming Channel : DanAndPhilGAMES
Super Amazing Project : superamazingproject

BBC Radio 1 Show
Listen and watch their show every first Monday in every month 9:00 PM (UK Time)
Buat yang tinggal di Indonesia setiap selasa pertama setiap bulan jam 03:00 WIB
Streaming here : BBCR1

Subscribe to BBCR1
BBCR1 : BBC Radio 1

Twitter Phandom Indonesia:

PS: Cara baca nama mereka Den & Fil bukan Dan & Pil. Okay? Okay


    literally i cried reading this dunno why. i don't even finished read this... yet.
    okay *lanjutbaca*

    1. i cried too i thought nobody like them in Indonesia

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. actually, there's a lot of Indonesian Phan out there, but i just found some of them lmao
      i just found them lately on twitter, fb and tumblr tho☆
      (sorry for my grammar anyway)

  2. Oh GOD this thing make me smile! Nggak nyangka ada Phandom juga berkeliaran di sini hehe.

    Found a Phan is like found a rare gem in Indonesia! Haha. I also have a phan blog in Tumblr, you can check it out indahisnotexactlyonfire.tumblr.com ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    I'm so happy. LIKE I'M GONNA EXPLODE.

      I KNOW RIGHT!!
      Anyway! followed☆☆
      ( sorry for commenting u first, i'm just too excited ;;-;; )

    ayo sesama phans indo kenalaaaan, reach me at insidephantasy.tumblr.com :o

  4. Baru gabung phandom beberapa bulan lalu, dan ya, selalu gampang buat relate dalam segala hal sama Dan, tapi bagi saya Phil itu adorable banget :3

  5. i don't see myself as Phan, because i simply like them as a great entertainer and not ship.
    finding someone who also not ship but love Dan and Phil... i feel alone no more :D

    Dan makes videos about us, and Phil makes kinda interactive videos so the viewers think that they have a small chit chat with Phil.

  6. ZOMG HELLO INDO PHAN MEMBER WOW umm are you living in jkt coz if you are then you're lucky they're about to go there for tabinof :(( i live in malang so there's absolutely no way for me to meet them irl :(

    I FOUND A HOME O_o xD hi phandoms!! ily all <3

    found people like you guys, is like find dan in my house's thrash srsly bcz we all trash ryt lolzor..

    p.s. : i ship phan bcs phan 4 lyf phan 5ever yay

    p.s.s. : u hav same reaction as meh in da first time i discovered those sunshines liks wtf wtf wtf dan is so much like meh and phil is like the sunshine of ma deep dark scary trash joke lyf i cri

    ok bye ily <3 :3

  8. So i just randomly googled 'dan and phil indonesia' and this post appeared and i read it and now i feel rlly happy yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    Okay. Inhale. Exhale.

    Im sorry.

    And yea tbh i dont ship dan and phil romantically soz. I thought i was the only one but now i found my people:') But their friendship is kinda cute and adorable tho i just dont want it to be change;)

    And i wish i do have tumblr blog but i dont. Whoop.

  9. gaaaah it's SO hard to find fellow phans in indo. Most of the reactions i've got from people were "who?" and it's hella frustrating!

    Did i mention that i'm a sarcastic, emo piece of sh!t? so yea, tbh i find dan's dark and 'ironic' humor amusing.

    Unfortunately, i live in a remote (lol exaggeration) smol city so no one can relate to me nor genuinely laugh at my jokes.

    For phil's case, i wasnt that interested at first but then all of a sudden his videos are so entertaining and relaxing to watch and i fell for him instantly. oh what have us humans done to deserve this adorable lad.

    oh, and did i mention i loooooove Philip so much to the point where i was devastated when i discovered the fact that he's around 29? yeah. i shouldnt have read that one youtube comment. now i cant look at him the way i used to do

    one day, one day i'll run into an indo phan and hug the hell out of them and say "where have you been my whole life" so guys, brace yourselves.

    Ps: at first i thought everything they do is platonic and bromance is as far as they can go but phan edits fucked me up real bad so now i kinda want them to 'happen'. yeah. im trash.

  10. Just passing by~ Hellooooo fellow Indonesian phans! <3

  11. recently many chasing news about phill and and.
    thank you for your share

  12. Ammm soo happy..am not the lonely indonesian phantrash .

    Satu lagi..merch mereka susah banget didapat di indonesia *crying(craft)*

  13. Ada link kah buat cari merch mereka di indo?


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