My Playlist September 2014

Happy Sunday people on the internet. Tonight i wanna share my top 10 songs i listen to recently. I pretty happy that some of the song are new single from my favorite musicians. Here are the list.

1. Fall Out Boy - Centuries
New single of FOB, every FOB fan should listen to this song. This is literally the best thing in September.

2. Bastille - bad_news
Another new single from my favorite band, Bastille. The song called bad_news and the song is really good.

3. Ed Sheeran - Photograph
One of my favourite song from Ed Sheeran's new album 'x'. But i think most of the song in this album is so damn good, so you have to listen to it.

4. The Smiths - Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
Actually this is an old song, but i heard it somewhere and suddenly i liked it.

5. Gerard Way - Action Cat
One of some new song from Gerard Way new solo album Hesitant Alien. I think the first officially single from this album is called No Show, but i like this song more than the other one.

6. One Direction - Fireproof
New single from One Direction called Fireproof, it's pretty good song i think there's no way for me to didn't like this song. FYI this song is trending topic worldwide on twitter for about a couple days or maybe a week from its launching for the first time.

7. Beyonce - XO
I know this song from my friend, after i listened by myself suddenly in love with this song.

8. Aladdin - A Whole New World (OST)
You can ask to all my friends and my family what song i always sung recently. They will probably answer aladdin song. Yeah it stuck in my mind, and i already watched the movie twice in this week.

9. Muse - Citizen Erased
Hahaha fangirl alert,  know this song from Dan Howell . My opinion about this song is, this is not an ear catchy song but when i listen it over and over again it makes me addicted.

10. Damon Albarn - Mr Tembo
One of the song from Damon Albarn's new album Everyday Robots. This song makes me happy.

So that's my playlist, my top 10 songs i listen recently. I'll share my playlist once a month, so see you next month.


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