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Hellooo internet peeps! Today i want to talk about internet language. This morning i was thinking about things that happened in a couple years ago. So the story is there's an acronym called OTP when all i know stand for "On The Phone". On that day i was on my tumblr, then i found this picture below. That day i'm not into internet so much and thought OTP in that picture was "on the phone". but still i rebloged it.

Sorry for all of Dan's reference pictures lately, i'm too much fangirling lol

Time flies and now i'm being an internet person that spend my whole day on the internet, and realized that OTP on the internet fandom means One True Pairing. When i look at the picture again i just laughed so hard and talked to myself "omg i was so dumb".

Just in case all of you guys don't know i will share a bit info about some of the famous internet languange/acronym you will probably see on tumblr, 9gag or any other website.

ASL : this is the common chat acronym stand for Age/Sex/Location (Usia/Jenis Kelamin/Lokasi)
LOL: Laugh Out Loud (ketawa terbahak-bahak)
ASDFGHJKL: expression of your feeling that cannot describes in word (perasaan yang gabisa diungkapkan dengan kata-kata)
BRB : Be Right Back (bakal balik lagi)
IDK: I Don't Know (Gue ga tau)
IKR: I know, right (yeah, gue tau)
FML: Fuck My Life (Apes banget hidup gue)
Bae: Baby (Panggilan buat pacar)
TBH: To Be Honest (sejujurnya)
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion (Menurut pendapat gue)
IDGAF: I Don't Give A Fuck (Gue ga perduli)
SMH: Shake My Head (Geleng2 kepala)
Le Me: Me (Saya)
You Don't Say?: Kalimat sarkastik saat orang yg lo ajak ngomong nanya/ngomong hal2 yg ga perlu dijawab atau jawabannya ya udah pasti bener. (ex: A: kalo Chelsea bisa ngegol lebih banyak pasti bisa menang. B: You don't say?)
Troll: Usil
Bitch Please: Please deh ah.


Fangirl: Obsessive female fan. Fans cewek yang sebagian besar biasanya ngefans bangeeetttt sama idolanya.
Fangirling: kegiatan yg dilakuin oleh seorang fangirl atau kegiatan yg lo lakuin ketika lo ngefans sama artis idola lo/band/artis figure. Dan biasanya lo bakal ngomongin hal yg lo suka itu selama ya kurang lebih 23 jam dalam sehari hahaha
Fandom: fan kingdom (sekumpulan orang yang ngefans hal yang sama)
Ship/Shipping: when you want 2 people/characters be in relationship (ketika lo pengen banget 2 orang/karakter idola lo jadi satu. ex; Hermione and Harry Potter, or Louise Tomlinson and Harry Style)
OTP: One True Pairing. Means your favorite shipping couple. (Pasangan favorite ex: my otp is Lamperry, which is Lampard and Terry)
Feels: intense or strong feeling that you can't handle it when you see something you really love or hate. (Perasaan yg menggebu-gebu)

Well, that some common words that i usually see on the internet world. When you reading this post i hope you get more information and dont feel the same way like i did before. And click here to give me opinion about the giveaway thing clik here and comments. Byeeee

PS: Kalau mau liat video dari gambar diatas bisa klik link dibawah ini:
I Will Go Down With This Ship


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