My Second Blog: Beauty Peasant

Hi guys!! It's weekend and i want to share something not important at all.

Now i make my own beauty blog!!!11! Yeay!!
Because this blog is too random for me to review all the woman stuff, so i decided to make the new one. On this blog i will share beauty tips, review some products, mix and match, tell you my story about beauty and fashion and all the women usually talked about, off course with a little help from my sister. Because i'm just a peasant, all the stuffs i'm gonna review will not make your wallet empty. So don't worry.
If you curious about it you can click a link below or you can click on the Beauty Peasant button up there on my dashboard.

See you soon on my next post. Byeee


  1. Aku laki -_- Aku nyasar ke link yang salah -_- Balik ke homepage dolo -_-


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