My Playlist November 2014

Halloooo people on the internet!!! I supposed to write at least 1 post per week, but i've been so busy lately. Why am i so busy? I will give you a hint, it's all about cosplay. Hohoho curious?
But today i try hard enough to spare a little time to write this post. Well this is my playlist this month.

1. The Script - No Good in Good Bye
A song from The Script's new album, but i recommend for all of you who just break up or broken hearted don't listen to this song, or if you insist to keep listen to this song don't blame me if you're crying while listening to this song. hahaha just kidding, this song is not so sad tbh.

2. Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One
Whoahh another sad song, sorry this is just another great song i don't care if the lyrics is about the women who actually knows that her husband is cheating on her. 

3. Bastille - Torn Apart ft Grades
Yap another new single for Bastille, is it new single? Yeah i think it's a new single.

4. OneRepublic - I Lived
A song from OneRepublic recent album "native". I don't know how to explain this song.
This song is like my motivation song to live my life and enjoy everything.

5. OneRepublic - Love Runs Out
haha another song from OneRepublic, and no explanation.

6. Fall Out Boy - Immortals
New song from FOB, this is original soundtrack from Big Hero 6 movie, i haven't watch the movie but i heard this song is for end credit in the movie. The song is not so spectacular but as long as this is FOB i will keep listening to their song *don't throw things to me*

7. Beyonce - Love On Top
It's not a new song, but i listening to this song again because my office mate used to play this song and yes, that's the story.

8. Calvin Harris - Summer
I like this summer song when actually it's almost winter. After all this time listening on the radio and tv finally i like this song.

That's all my playlist this month, but why it's only 8 songs? Yeah the rest of the playlist is the same song as last month. So enjoy!!!


  1. The Script - No Good in Good Bye :) :)


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