Why Do We Have To Be The Same?

Hello! It's been a long time i didn't write in English. I miss my English post lol. Btw I'm in a free time for a moment, and I think it's quite good to write something.

Well, do you ever met with people out there who actually do everything to make other people like them? That's what I'm going to talk about right now.

I always mention that making friends is quite difficult for me and I can't get more friends because they think I'm not humble or I'm too quite and never participate. When actually I am a nice and funny and outgoing who stuck in a shy person body *what are you talking about Dit?*

When you're in a place met with a group of people and you think that you want to be part of them. And then you just doing what they're doing, wearing the same clothes, playing their game so they will think you have the same taste with them. Do you know that situation?

I once in that situation, not being a part of a grop of people but I wanna have more friends, and that moment was horrible af. I wanna have more friends because I'm not confidence enough as a human being so, I try to do the same thing with them to make them like me and wanna be my friends. I buy things the same as they all have, pretend to like what they like, play games that I don't really like to play. But the more I follow their lifestyle the more I feel lost about who I am.

When suddenly I feel really tired doing all these things and then I realised I've got nothing. Still they don't want to be my friends, I waste my time my money and my energy. But by that moment I got a very good lesson to learn, that I don't need to be someone else to make other people like me. Wow that's open up my mind how we trying so hard to make other people impressed to us. If you can thinking with a logical mind, if the people really enjoy and like you and want you to be their friend even you are a nerd or sassy or annoying af they'll stick with you no matter what.

So, right now do whatever you like because at the end you will find your people, the people who actually like the same thing like you do, adore the same stuff. Hey Dit, I do whatever I want but still I didn't have friends who interest the same thing like i do. Yeah that's okay, at least you have friends who really loves you no matter what. That's more important you know.


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