My Playlist March 2015

Halo! Apakabar? Welcome to my favorite month. Well actually i like all of the 12 but i try choose March as my favorite just because i were born on March. Getting back to the subject, today i'd like to share my monthly post which is playlist that i listening to on the entire month, that in hope you'll get references for some new music.

1. Kodaline - All I Want
I accidentally listening to this song on YouTube when suddenly BAM!! I like it. But i dont know why this song is so relate to me which is makes me want to cry. But fortunately i didn't. I recommend you to listen to this song, because this song is so wonderful.Probably.

2. HAIM - Go Slow
Another Haim's song that you should listen, i don't know most of their song is so good.

3. Jake Bugg - As Simple As This

4. Of Mosters and Men - Dirty Paws

5. David Bowie - Space Oddity

6. Blur - Go Out
Edited edited, why i forgot to put this song OMG! i am the worst. After 12 years finally Blur released a  new album. The album called The Magic Whip. Everybody's so excited about this (i mean every blur's fan).

That's all my playlist this month, the entire song is just the same as last month. I hope you enjoy that. And for the record, now i have a YouTube channel. Yeay! I still learning btw, and i'm gonna vlog about common issue in my real life, about being socially awkward person and do stuff i like. In case you want to subscribe please click this link because it will make my day. See u soon guys!!


  1. Wih sukanya indie rock sama british nih?

  2. wwooaahhh jake bugg!!, i prefer to listen lightning bolt and broken from jake bug album and what doesnt kill you from shangri la album. nice posting guys, nice to meet you :).

    1. and don't forget his very popular song two fingers, that's awesome. thanks for reading nice to meet you too :)


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