30 Days Challeng: DAY 18 - MY BELIEFS

Hallo! I want to write my post with bahasa but i'm in the mood to write in english so i will write it in english.

Here they are about my beliefs:
1. I believe in God.
2. I believe that everything with life in it have a social interaction. Like I believe that tree is talking to each other.
3. I believe that cats don't understand when human meow to them.
4. I believe when i do nice to each other the nice thing will get back to me. Even tho they still treat me like shit at least i still a nice person.
5. I believe when we don't meant to be together no matter how hard we stay it will fall apart, and also in reverse.
6. I believe when i try hard enough i will get anything i want.

I do a weird person, i believe to non-common things in life. Who the fuck person thinking about the talking trees. 


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