30 Days Challenge: DAY 10 - FIRST LOVE AND KISS

I'm type of person who don't really like tell my love stories on my blog, if i wrote about love stories on my blog maybe i've been thinking about that for a hundred lightyear. 
Day 10 challenge is so challenging to me. 

Well, i didn't know and i'm not really sure who the fuck is my first love. Is it my first boyfriend or my first crush? because it's totally a different person. I'm so confused with my first love or i think i still figure it out till right now. So i will tell you about my first crush and first boyfriend instead. 

I had a crush for the first time when i was in 7th grades. I really likes this guy but he never know i'm in love with him until now. Fortunately i had my first date in 7th grades too, he was my classmate and i didn't even realised he fell in love with me back then. I was so innocence, and then on my birthday this boy ask me to be his girl. I was so shocked and don't know what to do because i never had a date before so i said yes. I was so bad that time, i was too scared to talked to him and i don't know what to do with my boyfriend. Because i was so awkward and weird the relationship just lasted for 5 days or a week i don't remember. i feel sorry about him, if i can turn back the time i will treat him better. probably. 

So, that's my love stories. Not so interesting but yeah that's it Day 10.

I will not tell about my first kiss tbh. Bye bye :*


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