30 Days Challenge: DAY 12 - BULLET MY WHOLE DAY

Bullet My Whole Day!!

Well actually i'm doing the same exact thing every single day of my entire life, probably. Yeah, my life is kinda boring.

  • i woke up at 5.30 and prepared to go to work, sometimes i skip the shower thing.
  • go to work at 6.30 and arrive differently sometimes at 8 sometimes at 9.
  • i work normally until 5.30 and then go back home.
  • i arrived at home at 8.
  • then i changed clothes and then i eat sometimes i skip the dinner.
  • skip the shower again.
  • do some facial treatment and relax for awhile.
  • get back to my room and surf the internet for about 3 hours.
  • and go to bed then read books until i sleep.

I do all of those stuff every day.

PS: the 2 of them are not true.


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