30 Days Challenge: DAY 14 - MY EARLIEST MEMORIES

Day 14

Earliest memories? Are you kidding me? I don't even remember what i was doing 3 weeks ago. I'm very bad at memorizing my life, but hey I'm very good at memorizing every single words that people have said to me. So, be careful before you say something to me.

Me and my sister: i don't even remember what i was doing when this photo was taken
As i try hard enough to remember all the memories inside my head, the only thing i can remember as my earliest memory is when i was around 3, i was crying in my bed, crying out loud in the middle of the night pointing into the kitchen but i don't really sure what i was pointing at. Did I see something scary that night? like ghost or something? or i just wanted some food or drink? i don't know. I don't really remember.

And then the other earliest memory i can remember is when my mom was on the kitchen cooking for lunch and then she left me alone in the living room, before she went to the kitchen she play me the cassette tape, it wasn't a song but a drama, one of the famous drama "The Legend of White Snake". I don't know why my mom playing that kind of thing, it's just kinda story telling but more likely serial tv but without a video. There's a sound of the wind, sound of the horse steps when the actor riding a horse kinda like that. I didn't enjoy the show that much and i started to freaked out because that was creepy. Finally i cried, a lot. Everytime i remember this i always asking to myself what was my mom thinking that day, played that kinda creepy drama to a 3 years old child. To make me keep quite when she was cooking? OMG it's like a torture for me, mom. Funny story tho.

I read somewhere on the internet a fun fact about child memories that we can't remember anything before the age of 3 or 4. I think that's the reason why we can't hardly remember any memories before 3 years old. But i think it's a bit weird if i can remember what i was doing the day when my mom gave birth to me. Feel so awkward.

Maybe if i have children i'm not gonna take them to the Disneyland or theme park before they're 5, because they will forget everything. I sound like a selfish parents, LOL.

That's all about my earliest memories.

PS: I know my english is terrifying, but i'm sure you understand what i'm talking about.


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