30 Days Challenge: DAY 15 - MY FAVORITE TUMBLR

Day 15!!

Tumblr is one of my favorite website of all time. It never ends, when you scroll it, it will never ends and makes you keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. I like to spend my spare time on the internet and scrolling on tumblr for 4 hours nonstop, or more. I've been using tumblr for about 5 years and still counting.

Talking about my favorite tumblr, i'm following a lot of tumblr account, most of them are fandom accounts, bands, anime, football and humor. I can't tell which one my favorite because they have different content, but here's the list of my favorite tumblr account:

1. http://ruinedchildhood.tumblr.com/
2. http://randomfactory.tumblr.com/
3. http://live2twerk.tumblr.com/
4. http://misjudgments.tumblr.com/
5. http://alienigena-morado.tumblr.com/

So these are tumblr account which are not a phandom account, basically just account that i reblogged the most. I like hilarious thing, and random thing that's why i love those account above.


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