For this past year i had so many highs and lows that actually turns me into someone what i so called new. I can mention that the first low i had this past year is i don't enjoy working on my first office. My senior makes me sick and insane and feel like i am the dumbest person in the world, the company didn't continue my probation and i don't want to take other position they gave to us. 

After believing with myself to resign from first office i end up being a jobless person, i went interview like a hundred times but still i didn't get a job. On the second month being a jobless i started to stressed out, i feel hopeless about everything. So i try to spend my spare time to take care of my blog again.

i feel like 5 months living in torture, i had a boyfriend that time, but he never there when i was needed him. I don't know what else i can do beside keep strong to face my life. My relationship that time is literally a mess. How can you survived when you're down and need someone to hold you and make you keep moving forward but he never there. He never hold my hand when we met, and i feel like invisible to him. He doesn't came to my house on lebaran day and came to my house a week afterwards. He never loves me anymore but he pretend he is.

And the fog started to disappear when my best friend told me to try on the outsourcing office she was work in before. After a couple of week the company asked to do the interview, the office is so far away from my house but i don't give a fuck even tho i had a useless boyfriend that time i prefer to go by myself with public transportation. After interview they placed me in the multinational company, it's a huge company. They gave me 1 month contract then if they're satisfied with my performances they will made a one year contract for me under the company not the outsourcing. 

I feel sick with my boyfriend because he disappear for 1 month and then i break him up. It's a hard decision tho because we already had a relationship for 6 years but i don't want it happen for the second time. That was shit, he thought i was stupid and he thinks he can fooling me around. You can't hide a rotten flesh for a long time dude, because i will sniff it sooner or later and also it will make you smells too no matter how much perfume you use.

After break up i have a good news that the company extend my contract and i was so happy.

And after all those hard time now i really enjoy my life, i'm happy at my office, and i'm happy with blogging, spend my free time with my best friends. I don't regret with everything i had done before because it makes me strong and i will thank to all of those problem that attacked me so i will learn from it and being a better person than i was.

That was my stories thank you to spend your time for reading this and i hope you enjoying your life. Bye


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