30 Days Challenge: DAY 21 - ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS

I watched so many shows but basically my favorite is tv show from japan. I don't know why but it's so entertaining and weird at the same time. If you don't know what it is, i can mention some of them. I kinda probably like Takeshi Castle because it's so hilarious, and then Masquerade. The first thing pops up in my mind everytime i saw the masquerade show is how can they think about that? that's so creative as hell, and it looks so real. This video below is one of my favorite.

But beside of those shows above i have one favorite show, it's TV Champion show, i don't know is it the real title for this show or not because on my local channel it called TV Champion. The competition is about everything, from cooking, baking, eating, crafting, painting and many more. I don't know why they are so talented and I kinda enjoy watching the competition.

That's it my favorite show. So what about yours?


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