30 Days Challenge: DAY 9 - HOW I HOPE MY FUTURE BE LIKE

Day 9 challenge and the subject is how you hope your future be like?

Well, as we all know, mostly piscean is a dreamer not a planner, so i have a dream that my future will be like this:
  • Having a good career and saving a lot of money. Have my own book and become a writer and a professional blogger.
  • Married with a guy that loves me and has the same music taste, humor and funny. Luckily if i can get the handsome one LOL. Having a happy little family with 2 healthy children, 1 son and 1 daughter. 
  • Living in a minimalist concept house that i dreamed of. With small garden in front of the house also the backyard. And the open roof terrace so i can drink afternoon tea while watching the sunset with my family. Beautiful.
  • Have travel the world with my husband.

I always have a picture of my perfect future life inside of my head but some people said if you're dream too much you will go insane if you can't get it. I know right, so instead of thinking about it all over again and go crazy i just enjoy my life right now and do whatever i want to do to make my life happy.


  1. ayoo semangatt dita hehe keren banget! hal yg elu lakuin ini


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