My Playlist April 2015

Hallo!!! I've been so busy lately. I try to complete my latest mission, it's 30 days blog challenge and this is the first time of my entire life seeing my blog totally full of posts. Like 1 post per day is too much for me, i got confused with my own blog. 
Anyway, today i'm going to write my playlist of the month. I don't know why i keep update it every single month. is it useful or not?

Well this is the playlist!

1. One Direction - Night Changes
I know i dont really into ID, but this song is different. It makes me addicted. I don't know why i keep repeat this song for 2 hours nonstop every day for the last 3 weeks, and i'm still not sick of it (yet). 

2. Blur - There Are Too Many of Us
2nd single from blur's newest album "The Magic Whip". This song is so awesome, i'm so sorry to put blur on second place. Alex James is still the same. 

3. Mew - Comforting Sound
Few days ago, mew just held a concert in Jakarta. I didn't even know they came to Jakarta, when suddenly some music magazine talk about their concert, and my reaction was like "what? they came here? why i didn't even know that?". I used to listened to theirs song, i like it tho, their music is kinda different and unique and addictive. 

4. John Mayer - Clarity
Recently, i really enjoy listening to john's old song.

5. Madeon - La Lune feat Dan Smith
I just played the music mix playlist on youtube when suddenly this song pop up and i realised the voice was Dan's voice. No, not Dan Howell, it was Dan Bastille's voice. The song is so good tho not just about Dan Smith. My life is full of Dan.

6. All Time Low - Missing You
It's been a long time didn't listen to atl's song when i realised they just released new album (am i right?). I listened the full album on youtube and i kinda like this one. 

That was some new songs on my playlist this month, i hope all of you enjoy the song because the song is so good. You probably will enjoy all of those song because it's quite mainstream. I'm a mainstream human being. See you guys soon ! 


  1. Anjir ini nih yang saya tunggu dari blognya kak Dita, playlist-nya selalu enak buat didengerin dan lagu-lagunya banyak yang seleranya sama dengan saya...


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