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My Playlist May 2015

I don't know why the past 1 month i feel so blue. I don't know i think i'm in the situation of being in love with someone i know, but in the same time i feel so sad because he probably won't love me back for some reason. There are so many possibility he can't love me back but yeah i kinda let it be fine because it happened to me a couple years ago, and i've survived. Not literally survived because now i fall for him again. Shit. I hope he loves me too *while sobbing in the corner of my room* So this playlist is contain with love song, but everytime i play this song i end up with crying because i realised no one would ever listen to all of these song while thinking about me at the same time. lol i'm such a pathetic. So here they are the songs. 1. Jamie Scott - Unbreakable I really need a man who play this song while thinking of me. Oh God this song is amazing. 2. Paramore - Hate To See You Heartbreak ft Joy Williams 3. Panic! At The


April is great overall, but i think everything is all straight. I just have one thing that probably my low of this month i literally fall in love with someone but the end of the story is not going well. That's it. My high of this month maybe, Oh i know, my sister just got married and i'm so happy. Everything about my job and my hobby are all great . Maybe that's all about my high and low of this month. Now i want to announce that i finish the challenge successfully. Yeay! well it's fun tho, i think i need to do this again next time. see you soon guys byee!!

30 Days Challenge: DAY 29 - GOALS FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS

I don't even know what i want to do next week, my life is a mess. But i have some target that i have to achieve for the next 30 days, it is continue writing my book, uhm i mean i want to published my own book but i think i have to write the draft first. I am really lazy to continue writing, like 24 hours is not enough for me.  I worked till 6, and got home at 9, this month is totally busy because i have to finish the 30 days challenge. I think if the challenge is done i can continue writing because i have more spare time at night and on the weekend. And i quite happy that on the next month (May) we have a couple of national holiday, so i have a little extra time on writing.  Well i hope this this plan is going well and i can finish the book this year. I'm so excited tomorrow is my last day doing the challenge. Adios!