My Playlist June 2015

Hallo back again on my monthly playlist. After living in torture of falling in love with someone, i finally get back to my normal life. Ugh life is so beautiful yet suck at the same time.

This month i'm not really into love song anymore i'm getting back to the track with a little twist in some point. So here it is my playlist of this month.

1. Twenty One Pilot - Tear In My Heart
One of the new single of Twenty One Pilot newest album. I still wondering what's the black thing on Tyler's neck and hands.

2. Blur - My Terracota Heart
My favorite track on The Magic Whip album.

3. George Ezra - Budapest
I didn't expect that the person who's singing this song has the same age as me. I thought George Ezra is 30 or 40 refer to his voice, but when i saw him for the first time the only word i said just "wtf". He's cute af.

4. Muse - Mercy
Tell me mercy can someone rescue me. This song is taken from Muse newest album called Drone.

5.Charli XCX - Famous

6.Blur - Lonesome Street
This song is so ear catchy also the video is eye catchy and so cool. The power of the video is too strong, it's impossible for me to listening to this song without thinking about the red shirt man's dance. You should try it.

7. One Direction- Spaces
I don't know it's kinda weird for me, i literally listen to 1D more than i listen to all of the emo band like i used to. Maybe i should make a giveaway (wtf i'm so irrelevant).

8. Snow Patrol - Run
Old song but still great, i wonder why Snow Patrol is so underrated their music is great.

9. Nate Ruess - Nothing Without Love
New single from Nate Ruess, i was quite shock when i realised Nate released a solo single because i don't know is Fun. split or just have a break

10. Hozier - Take Me To Church
It's just coincidence i listening to Ezra's song when suddenly this song come up, when i first heard it i don't like it. But when i heard it over and over again it makes me addicted.

That's it my playlist for this month, i hope you enjoy it and i will be back next month with new playlist. Ja Ne !!!!


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