List of My Weaknesses

Hello i don't know i think i'm really lazy to write like there is no motivation i get recently. I think my procrastination habit started to attacking me again. what do i do now? i guess procrastinate is one of my weakness on earth and i don't know how to dealing with it.

Talking about weakness i have like a tons of weaknesses than strengths. So instead of writing another playlist i know you kinda boring so let's have some fun and reads all of my weaknesses. I don't think that reading my weaknesses is a fun thing. Except you are really like me or you are probably hate me as well. So here they are:

1. Food
IMO food is literally everybody's biggest weakness. I can resist the temptation to not buying the newest and the most hype gadget on earth but if it's about food? shut up and take my money.

2. Cute Guy With Black T-Shirt
Oh My God! this is literally my biggest weakness that i still don't know why this is happening but everytime i saw cute guy wears black plain tshirt i just can't handle the feeling. i just can't. Especially the guy who wore the black shirt is my crush i can suddenly having a short heart attack and cant breathe properly.

i cant find another attractive man for reference so i use Dan photo instead, at least he's very attractive for me

3. Fast Internet Connection
Every time i'm at home and check on my internet connection when it really fast i literally can stay at home for a day. like nothing interesting anymore outside, i can browsing, streaming and do whatever i want sitting on the chair listening to my fav music and surf the internet. Not only at home, if i found a fast wifi connection, nothing can interrupt me.

4. My Favorite Song on the Radio/Public Places
sometimes i embarrassed myself with this habit. My favorite song which is play on the public places is kinda made me feel weak. I can't resist the temptation to not sing along but i am so shy and awkward and dont want people to look at me like a mental. so i always struggle with this.

5. Knit Sweater
My friends didn't really know that i have an obsession with knit sweater. when i go to department store and i see knit sweater i can stand there like 20 minutes look at the sweater and wondering at it and see the price tag and sobbing in the inside. why knit sweater is so damn expensive. when i'm joking to my bestfriend to give me knit sweater as a gift on my birthday and she literally did it, i have no word to express my feeling.

If my crush wearing a black t-shirt and ask me to date in a place with fast internet connection and it plays my fav song and buy me food and give a knit sweater as a gift i would literally die at the moment.

So there are 5 things that probably make me feel weak and you can use them to calm me down if one day you make me angry and dissapointed. Thank you for reading. See you around.


  1. Interner cepet mah aku juga lemah kak sama yang begituan...

    Btw, aku juga sering pake baju item. ciaa~


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