[REVIEW] Panic! At The Disco - Death of a Bachelor

The last time I wrote about Panic! At the Disco review album was 5 years ago. Today is one month after Death of a Bachelor was released worldwide so i want to give my opinion how . Before I started with my boring opinion let me tell you a little information about this album. Here we go!

Death of a Bachelor is the fifth album which released on January 15, 2016. This album is the first album after Spencer Smith decided to leave the band (the saddest thing happen (again)). Brendon is the only member from original line up who still in the band (I hope you stay).

Death of a Bachelor debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, with 190,000 album units, earning the band its best sales week and first number one album. This is like the great thing that ever happen and actually you really deserve it guys. Here is the link for reference.

Death of a Bachelor Art Cover
So, that's a little information about this album let's move to the review section. The first thing that crossed my mind the first time Hallelujah came out on air was "this is gonna be great and awesome". I really like the single it's really great and I still not over it until now. I mean it's not the kind of boring song after you play over and over again.

After released Hallelujah, they released Victorious, Emperor's New Clothes and LA Devotee finally the album came out on January 15th. 

After listening the whole album I don't know how to express my feeling. It feels like you can enjoy rock music with the cabaret and classic also a little touch of dance and electronic music. This album is awesome I feel like this album is a perfect combination of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out and Too Weird To Live, To Rare To Die. Brendon's effort to make this album is beyond expectation. Even many fans said that this is not so P!ATD but in my opinion this album is like the whole package of their 3 album (I don't think that Pretty Odd has similar sound with this album). My prediction was right when the first time i listened to Hallelujah. So, I will give this album 8,5 out of 10. Not to be rude but some of the tracks not really interesting to me (the track that is okay if they don't play it on tour lol)

Here is the list of my 6 favorite track in this album:

1. Hallelujah
I don't know is it gonna be the next I write sins not tragedies or not, I hope not.

2. The Good the Bad and the Dirty
I hope they make a music video for this song. At first maybe you don't like this song because it's not too ear catchy but after you listen over and over it makes you addicted.

3. LA Devotee
Everytime I play this song I still think I listen to Too Weird to Live, To Rare to Die. 

4. Victorious
At first I don't like this song, like what the fuck is this? but after play it again I kinda have to say sorry to Brendon that I was wrong. I like this song and the music video is hilarious I like it so much.

5. Crazy=Genius

6. Golden Days

That's it a little review about Panic! at the Disco newest album Death of a Bachelor, I hope it's useful for you and I hope you're not offended with everything I wrote in this post. Why do people have to be offended by a blog review? that's impossible. If you want to get this album you can directly get it on iTunes or just get the CD in the nearest music store. See you on the next review!



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