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My Playlist March 2016

I'm not update any list of my songs for a while because i think my playlist didn't improve that much every month. But right now I will update it because I've been listening to some new music and I kinda like it. I still have the same taste of music, like rock, alternative, or pop. Maybe it's not the newest song or maybe when you read it you'll be like "where have you been all this time?". Well I'm going nowhere, I just don't know. Check it out! 1. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams I seems have listened to this song when i was a kid, but I don't remember about Fleetwood Mac at all. But after a long day remembering finally i figure it out that The Corrs have recreated this song. But i clearly like the original one. 2. Haley Blais - Tonight You Belong To Me (The Jerk Cover) Kick The PJ's video brought me to this cover and I completely in love with it. Because of Haley I really want to have my own ukulele and learn it like for seriously