Resting Bitch Face Problem

Do you ever feels like nobody wants to talk to you and people seems to scared to say hi?

I actually have a problem which make people think that I'm a bad guy. My friends in my office couple times says I looked tired, serious, badmood or looked like sick person. When actually I'm in a good condition in health, I'm happy and nothing's wrong with me. The ultimate complaint was coming from my HR manager, she ask me to smile more to people in the office.

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If you relate with what I said, maybe you have a resting bitch face problem. How hard you try to pull a humble and friendly face, give a warm look but what people see is a person who wants to kill people. 

So many time people said I look sad, looked tired, sick, angry when actually all I feel is great and nothing bad happen to me. But when I say I'm good they think I was lying. I don't know how to respond all that question, it's just my face I don't lie at all ffs.


  1. Kalo aku mungkin kebalikannya deh, bisa nutupin kesedihan, kelelahan dengan senyum2 GJ kalo ada temen.


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