Sad Hour Kim Dita

I've been busy working and too lazy spare my time to write something. Like I told before I've become and ARMY and that's what I'm doing most of the time except working. Since BTS being the only reason for me to be happy and less worry and decrease my anxiety, I quite shocked that BTS can made this awful heartbreak. I literally crying when I found out I didn't get their encore ticket, I can't focus on my work that day and I feel that life isn't fair. Maybe people who read this think I over dramatic but it's real. Why I cry a lot because it's my only chances to see Epiphany live. 

I feel like my serotonin decreasing so significant because one other thing that can make me happy suddenly disappeared too. This been my worst week for this year.

Because of what happened to me recently I believe that loving something too much can caused pain as deep as the love itself. You know that it's quite hard to heal a very deep wound maybe need stitches and takes longer time lol.

I don't know where this story going, it's almost midnight and I keep thinking why I can't keep myself off of my phone. I feel so lonely for no reason. 

I just draw a flying whale in the middle of the night because I'm bored af.


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